11 Characteristics of a High Quality Attendee Management Software

 Your attendees are the lifeblood of any event. It is important that you can utilise an attendee management software that facilitates an enriching and stress-free experience for its end users. Your research should be expansive and should draw the fine lines necessary to choose a solution that would actually work for the type and size of your event. Find below 10 characteristics of a reliable attendee management software. These are necessary information for you to take full advantage of technology and ems event management.

  1. Easy to Use Event Attendee Management Software

Aside from the convenience that you have to experience as event organisers through the event management software, the same hassle-free experience has to be relished by your attendees. Look for a software that will only require few steps for registration (as a start). You will notice that fewer users will drop out and turn their backs on the registration form if they can complete it in a matter of seconds.

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2 Event Website Builder

One of the most important components of the event attendee management software is the option to build your own event website. This website not only directs potential attendees to principal event information, it is also where they can register and pay for the event. Think of it as your event portal. While creating a website may seem like a daunting task, a good software will allow you to make one even if you do not have any coding skills. You may simply use ready-to-use templates and organise textual content and other media through a straightforward interface.

3 Event App Optimised for Mobile Platform

Many attendees may have the preference to install an event app to their mobile devices. It has become one of the newest essentials for serious event organisers utilising an event attendee management software. It does not only provide your attendees with the latest news, it also gives them access to information that will let them view abstracts, speakers, sponsors, and program details related to the event. Moreover, the event app may also allow your attendees to lay out their personal schedule and do matchmaking sessions with other delegates. If you are looking for mobile technologies, read more about the event app.

4 Generates Invoices and Booking Confirmations

When your event involves money, it is important that your attendees are given peace of mind by letting them know that you are a credible and legal provider. Look for an event attendee management software that allows easy payment management including invoicing and ticket dispatch. Data must flow through the software and allow you to keep an eye on all registrations and payments received. These qualities should also be present in a venue management software.

Accommodates Different Payment Methods

In a highly digital world like ours, there are so many avenues by which payments can be processed through the internet. When looking for an attendee management software, make sure that it is integrated with major preferred payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, bank transfers, or credit cards. As mentioned in the previous item, complete payment processing should be handled by the software in order for accounting to be easier to event organisers. For last-minute registrations, you may also want to find out more about the event check in app.

Attractive and Well Organised Online Brand

With the different marketing strategies that any software vendor may employ today, it is important that you look for a provider that presents themselves well online. When scouting different provider websites, look for a solution that is serious, has authority, and has an adequate review base from previous users. This will prevent you from choosing bogus schemes where you put down money and not get back what it’s worth in terms of services.

7 Friendly and Responsive Customer Support Team

This is perhaps one of the most significant aspects of your research when looking for a high quality event attendee management software. Customer support is the very foundation of good service. Thus, look for a company that is willing to do online or on-site demos on how their software works. Also take note of response times when sending inquiries as well as the language they operate in. Do they communicate to you in a concise and easy-to-understand manner? Furthermore, if you have special requests for the success of your event, are they willing to customise the software for you?

8 Conference Attendee Management Software that Supports Marketing

Online marketing is another integral aspect that you should establish with the conference attendee management software. This not only allows you to invite more attendees and land better sales, it also helps you establish your brand and authority. Two components that you should look out for is the creation of an event website and social media integration. A good attendee management software will allow you to build your event website — even if you don’t have coding skills — and allow your users to share a link to the page through their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

9 Fast and Convenient Check-in Process

On the day of the event, your attendees’ first impression of the event is contingent on how easy it was for them to enter the venue. Look for a vendor that can optimise an onsite check-in app solely for your event. This way, an attendee will not have to face long lines and the program can be started on time. This mobile application of the attendee management software is also important for guests who may come in on the fly and for delineating VIP guests from a big crowd.

10 Secures Data

Last but not the least, look for an attendee management software that puts paramount importance to data security. Your delegate’s personal information is highly sensitive and as such encryption should be enabled in order to prevent unauthorised use by third parties. There should be an assurance from the vendor that you own all the data processed through the software and that it is efficiently secured in one place. Ask your provider what their terms are in terms of data security.

11 Matchmaking software to increase networking

About 75% of your attendees come mainly to network.  But to do so they need a tool to get in touch as they do not know each other. With an event software like a 1-2-1 meeting organizer they can create locations where to meet depending on they are interested in.

Fore more specific data and characteristics, try to do your research about the top event management software.

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