Do You Really Need an Event App for Your Attendees

The use of an event app for attendees is slowly breaking ground in the events industry today after the inception of the corporate event software. Aside from using a desktop software to manage events, event managers are also keen on finding out about a mobile application that they can let their attendees use. If you are still researching on how this type of technology can help you improve the experience of your attendees, here are three powerful features that may sway you to invest in an event app:

1.) Access to vital information pertaining to the event

One of the major uses of an event app is that it is a direct source of information for anything related to the event. Through the use of the app, attendees will have access to information such as who the speakers are, what the agenda is, and even who else are attending the event. While these pieces of information can be appreciated through an event website, nothing beats the mobility of the event app – it works even if you are not connected to the internet. As long as your attendees have downloaded the app to their mobile devices, they may use it anytime. It will also get automatically updated if there are any changes in event details.

2.) Floor map and push notifications

An event app also acts as a guide in terms of floor mapping and in delivering push notifications to attendees. For large events like trade exhibitions, the venue may be a massive space where attendees can easily get lost in. Through the app, they may consult the floor map and check where they currently are or where they would want to go to next. In terms of push notifications, these may be real time reminders regarding who the next speaker is or which arranged meeting they should be going to.

3.) Networking

Lastly, an event app gives several opportunities for your attendees to network during the event – especially if its data is integrated to an event software. If it has an in-app messaging feature and your attendees have access to the entire attendee list, they may be able to strike virtual conversations with other attendees. If you are organising conferences or trade exhibitions, the app may also be used to schedule one-on-one meetings at specific venues and times.

If you are looking for a mobile application that is geared specifically for event organisers, you may research more on the alternative features of an event planning app.


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