Event Attendee Management Software for Ticketing and Registration

A good event attendee management software has consolidated functions for ticketing and registration. These are two of the most important event planning processes since your event’s turnout and sales practically rely on the number of people who register for your event. Here are three features that you should remember if you’re looking for this software to improve online event registration:

  1. Flexible ticket types and payment options

A good software will allow you to create different ticket types for various attendee profiles. You may give them the option to purchase tickets as VIPS, visitors, sponsors, exhibitors, etc. What’s important is that different distinctions can be assigned to individuals since this will also affect onsite check-in on the day of your event. Moreover, you can also offer flexible payment options such as fixed pricing and group ticketing through a reliable event attendee management software.

  1. Collects important data

Another feature of a dependable software is that it can collect as much information as you want from your registrants. As they register through your event website, for example, they may be asked to fill out pre-event surveys or answer out custom questions. Other related information that you can ask during registration are meal counts, seating preferences, and the number of times they have attended an event hosted by your company. This will allow you to draw special analytics and therefore plan your event more effectively – especially if you are organising big events for event agencies.

  1. Integrated to social media

Last but not the least, social media integration is a good feature of an event attendee management software. When your attendees are successfully registered and already have their tickets, you can empower them to market your event indirectly by letting them share a “I just purchased my tickets to X event!” post through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This may generate an online buzz that can be advantageous to your sales.

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