Handling an Overcrowded Event

Handling an Overcrowded Event 1

Overcrowding, in any event, is the worst dream for an event manager. There have been multiple incidents in which overcrowding caused big damage to both the organizer and the host of the event as well. However, overcrowding can be easily handled if certain precautionary steps are taken in advance and emergency protocols are carefully observed while making the initial arrangements for the event.

Overcrowding shall be considered as one of the probabilities at an event at the initial planning. Different stakeholders of the event need to be ready in advance and keep themselves well equipped for such a situation. Catering can have extra seating arrangements on standby and ground map for chair patterns also need to be covered in the initial planning.

In case of a fire, while overcrowding is also observed, the smart use of direction signs is imminent and pertinent. use the emergency cones to carve out an exit route for the attendants and make sure that speakers are used to keeping the crowd calm and in senses. Rogue and baffled crowds are going to create more problems only.

If there is any music arrangement in the event and overcrowding causes the seating arrangement to go out of order, improvisation can be helpful by involving the participants in such an activity which gives time to the managers to cope with the issue at hand.

If your event is offering a bar, try to stop the bartender in overcrowding as such a hustle and bustle can sometimes create a mess. Some of the participants might lose sobriety and cause an unwanted situation. Pausing the bar is going to be the smartest thing to do in such circumstances.

Overcrowding is a situation where the professionalism of your security guard comes into play. Make sure that your security teams are at their best behavior and know how to handle a massive crowd and keep it calm as well.

To control and monitor the situation, you should rush to the CCTV room and assess the situation. This will allow you to make suitable and timely adjustments to your settings. With a calm and relax set of nerves and advance risk assessment, you can easily cope with overcrowding.

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