How to Make a First impression on your Client

How to Make a First impression on your Client 1

One of the most important things in event management business is making a first impression on your client when he visits you or contacts you for discussing his event. You need to be at your best in order to make the client confident that he has made the right choice by hiring you for your services. Making a first impression is a very tricky yet easy task if you take the following tips into account.

Let’s begin.

Give your client a personally guided visit of the indoor venues. Walk around the venue and don’t forget to take your client to the inventory of your business. Seeing all the equipment that you will have ready at any time will give a very reassuring feeling to your client. He will feel confident that you can tackle any unexpected scenario and provide the necessary equipment within minutes.

Prepare the best catalogue of your services and make it presentable. It would be highly recommended to hire professional designers to design a catalogue for your company. Another way to show what kind of services and facilities you are offering is to create a slide show presentation which is professional, yet easy on the eyes. Having a multimedia setup in your office will impress your clients in ways you can’t imagine.

Having videos ready with coverage of your previous events in real time will show your performance in action. If your videos are perfectly filmed, you are much likely to get hired for the job. Therefore, always have video crew ready and with a complete plan at your events. Presenting them on your multimedia setup will also make a big positive impression of your business.

One very creative way to grab clients is to invite them to any near future event which you are already hired for. This way your client will see your company in live action. If you keep your cool and perform professionally in your event, the client who is there to see if you are worth his money, will be more than happy to hire you. The key factor here is your confidence in yourself that you can handle the pressure of live judgement from another client.

If you can make these tiny tweaks to your client introduction, we are more than sure that you will land many deals in no time. We hope you found these tips useful.

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