Staff Movement and Presence Inside the Venue

Staff Movement and Presence Inside the Venue 1

In any event management, the execution of your plans through your staff is the most important and eventual key to their success. If your staff is well-trained and knows how to move inside the venue with the perfect attitude, all your plans will come to successful execution. Here is an article about what kind of movement and presence should your staff have during an event.

It is important that your staff has ants-like-coordination. If they are all on the same page, nothing can go wrong. Like those tiny creatures, if your staff moves along a predefined but invisible path in the venue, the guests will do nothing but appreciate their coordination and discipline. This is very good for your reputation.

Next, your staff should dress according to the event. If you have a very formal event, their shoes should match the event. Having suits with a noisy heel might not be a good choice here, so avoid that.  One other very important thing is to avoid any kind of eye-contact. It is best that your staff remains invisible to the guests so that they feel the best level of comfort.

It is also a big help to mood up the guests if your staff are fresh looking with bright and healthy faces. Their attitude should reflect that they are happy to be working with you and serving the guests. Surveys show that staff with a sad face often disturbs the comfort of the guests which is something an event planner will never want.

Their movement in the venue should be active, quick and controlled. They should be walking with an active body and communicate with the guests while maintaining a smile on their faces and be at the best of their behaviors. One helpful tip for the serving waiters will be to have gloves on while serving the food. This will give a very neat and professional look to your firm and will improve your image.

These are only a few of the tips which can be used in order to improve your event management firm’s performance through training your staff. If you become a keen observer, you will see many other opportunities to improve your firm’s output.

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